Sleep Timer - relaxing melodies & sleep sounds App Reviews

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BS 🐂💩

Don't waste your time. The reviews also seem "too good to be true". Apple really needs to do a better job at cleaning up the fake reviews.

Very hard to cancel subscription

It took me to an Apple page that looked like it was in Chinese, with no way to switch to ENGLISH to CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION! Is this a scam???!


App is difficult to use and they don't even have thunder storms (my personal fav noise)

Hard to cancel purchase

Great app. However I made a purchase and now I can not cancel it.


7.99 a month??? Only one theme you can have for free which is the Fire place. Everything else costs.


Will we have to purchase anything?

This app is just😍

If your having trouble falling aslee and school is coming around the corner start using this app😍It helps you become used to sleeping early and waking up early! Instagram brought me to this app at the right time because school is so close for me so thank you for this!!! Some sound alittle creepy but the the rest are so amazing!

Sleep tracker

This app is wonderful, it might take a while to get used to, but it makes you sleep like a baby, personally, I need noise and sound to sleep and that noise is always coming from my TV, not anymore I'm glad it made me stay up till 3:00 am and I'd never get my rest, but now I sleep at 10:30 and wake up at 7:00 am, I suggest you use this app.


This app is AMAZING!! this is the kind of app I have always needed and now thanks to you I have it!!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you soooooo much!

Great App!!

Love the app!! Helps me sleep better overall and has some great options to use when customizing a sound to fall asleep to!


Help me sleep better than I sleep after busting a nut...


I always get so much sleep at night and I am always full of energy when I wake up and when I go to sleep I am so happy to just go in my bed and sleep it's amazing


Love this app is really amazing

Help instruction

Where is the help and setting of the app?

Needs shuffle and repeat

Great app, but missing shuffle and repeat functions for playlists.

My sleep timer

I really like this sleep timer thingy, it's really relaxing I love it I look forward to keep on using it, i really do enjoy it, thank you.


Love this app Instagram brought me to this app honestly it's awesome thank you now when school starts I'll sleep peacefully thank you Sleep Timer :)


This app is filled with amazing sounds and peaceful themes. I love the reminder for bed and the customizations features. And everything is free!


U can't even hear a diffence in the sound


Mine keeps on clicking out of the app when I'm doing nothing


Pongan más variedad

It works really well

I love it ❤️


You can fine-tune the sounds for each profile and that's awesome! Easy to use. And also easy to unlock other profiles! Thank you for such a great app!


I love it.


I just got it and fell in love it helps me become sleepy!! I just live it!!!! I think I'm going to fall asleep right now typing this!! Enjoy

Good sleeping habits

Nice nights


Omg sleep

Love it!🤙🏼


i love it

i love it

I really like this😁

I really like this. It's very relaxing and it helps me fall to sleep better. BUT some of them are no high quality for example the white noise and all those just sound creepy. But my favs are the Beach, River and Outdoors🤷🏼‍♀️

So cool

Where have u been my whole life


just feel it

The sleep timer

I seen it on Facebook and I didn't believe it would relax me but once I started it I was like were has this been I was so relaxed.It is so relaxing!!!

Calming effective

Sounds were true to their name


El crear tu propio entorno de sonidos esta estupendo En verdad relajante

Sleepy head


Great app


I Love 💖

I love


this is really very cool apps. it's really works for me.

Great App!!

It's a wonderful app!!

Just what I'm looking for!!

Where have you been all my life?! 🌙💤


From the first minute I noted that I have many options to relaxe with specially sound of the forest

Love it

Try the app

Worst app ever

This app is nothing I'd ever want, and it never works right I would not even want this app for free it's so bad. The sound is not high quality and it actually made it harder for me to fall asleep, I do not advise getting this app.

Love it

I saw it on Facebook so i decide to try it and with in 10 min i was out

Sleep timer

Wonderful App

Great app

Cool sounds, great UI


Good app I love it


I honestly love this app it is very relaxing and awesome there is a lot of adds but I think it it


Really nice app

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