Sleep Timer & Nature Sounds App Reviews

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Better Than expected

When I was reading some of the reviews I thought wow it is so much much money jut to play sounds, until I went into the app and it was real convenient, There were many free options and the time of how long the music should be. Except for having ads and having to pay for rest it is really good!

No thanks?

It would be better if we had access to all the sounds. I understand the paying thing but with the ads and making you pay to make your own theme should be enough. I was very upset I could not listen to the ocean sounds.


Wish it would just be free!!

Best sleeping time ever!!!!!!

So relaxing so peaceful I LOVE IT!!!!!❤️💕😘😍


This app is AMAZING!!! Love it!!!

Useful application

Useful for those who cant sleep coz of noise

Subscription changes

I love this app, use it every night. I had the premium 1 month subscription for $9.99 which was bearable to not have to deal with adds but they apparently did away with that. So now my choices are deal with annoying ads or pay $7.99 a week. Paying $31.96 a month is absolutely ridiculous and I for one won’t be doing it.


7.99 a week? I’ll be calling apple today how do I cancel this crap

People that see this

The best

Can’t cancel

Not easy to cancel, redirected to the app, another website and no customer service number to call and cancel, plus they are charging me weekly.


Just a little bit off ads but I love that once I turn off my phone I can still here it so that’s why I went with 5 stars because you can’t do that on YouTube

Wood Burning


Run away!

Thought it was free. HORRIBLE AND EVEN WORSE THEY CHARGE YOU Plenty of MUCH BETTER nature sounds apps for free!!!!! Am deleting and getting my money back. Hope this review helps you from the scam

Not free!

All these new app developers make you believe that app is free, but then only give you a tiny sample sound and expect you to pay for the rest. Crap!


Ever reason thunder is soothing and it help me to fall asleep

Is it really free


Just wow!

You have no idea how long I’ve waited for an app like this! Your selection of relaxing sounds is AMAZING!!! AND it’s a free app?!?! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!



I’m asleep in minutes !

First time using it and fell asleep in a snap!


Deleted after not even an hour unsubscribed and STILL got charged 5 times.

Good experience

The best part I like about is the sounds that attract me to sleep better to start a new day right


Have to pay for most the good ones don’t get

عبدالله الثلجي

برنامج كولش حلو اتمنى ان يصير مجاني


Calm, peaceful! I recommend!! I use it!


And help me fall asleep fast



Not working on iPhone X

So I downloaded the app on my iPhone 7, it was great. Picked up an iPhone X the next day and the app hasn’t worked ever since.


i love this


It is my fav

Rip off

Charge every week for nothing!

this app

i needed it so much thanks about this idea

Legit best thing

This app was made with a good heart, because it's simple yet expansive. and I fall asleep better especially with the jellyfish. Thank you

Why I dislike

If it was free and if they added wind that’s would be better

Great app

I love the app love the sounds great to fall asleep too

Says it’s free

States that the app was free was looking forward to using it and after demoing the first sound I lost interest for the simple reason it wants you to watch videos of games total bummer !!!

You have to Pay Monthly to get rid of Ads!

Unless you can afford an additional $7.99 or more if you want it without a 3-day free trial?? every month, ignoring this app is a good plan. Yes, lovely graphics especially the jellyfish; and fine sounds, although The Earth did nothing for me personally, there’s busy street for NYC or any city dwellers away from home, ocean with stupid birds, white noise, and a few more I did find visually and audibly soothing, but I cannot help but suspect I can pay much less building my own collection than even three months of this app costs. Not worth it, sorry.

I love hearing ads as I'm trying to fall asleep

Really? play during the sounds


It said it was free but charged me $7.99 when I canceled the subscription before it ended, and I can’t download anything in the App Store because I haven’t “payed off” this scam. Don’t install this waste of space.

This is auto renewing! I️ was not aware of this!

Dislike the auto-renewing. I️ want to stop that. How????

Waaaaaay too expensive

The price is seriously ridiculous. I mean it looks like a beautiful app but I’m not paying $8 per week to hear white noise when there’s basically the same thing for a far more practical value.

Life saver!!

The best app ever😍😍

Scam app

Said free app!!! Said nothing about charging me 7.99 a week!!! And now there is no way to cancel!!!!!


Full of video adds that randomly play. Not worth 7.99 per month. Rip. There’s a lot of better sleep apps out there


Why aren’t all free. Make all free!!!!

$7.99 per week?!

That’s a ridiculous price. I can’t believe anyone would pay $32 every month for an app that just plays white noise. There are better ones out there. What value do you actually get for that much $? That’s $400 per year...



Not worth it.

I downloaded it and they only give you like one free sound & then they want you to buy something. Figures.


Very relaxing

So Good...So Relaxing...So Perfect.

Perfect way to meditate


In love with this app it's so helpful

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