Sleep Timer & Nature Sounds Examine App

Why should paid something I even use

I don’t think 7 dollars should be the price

Good app its gonna change my life

Thanks for the app i’ve been in struggle with sleeping over the last month thanks for your app it is gone ☺️⭐️❤️


Me encanta.


要付钱😒😒 没钱怎么听😭 真是的


Why make an app for sleeping when you have to watch a Videos before you can even hear the sounds or pay for it I think I’ll just use the other app.

Scares me that you have to pay!

IMMEDIATELY uninstalled when I see there is a $8 recurring charge!

don’t like it

all the better themes seem to be pay to play

not good

It doesn’t have that many things to help you sleep and most of them are quiet unrelaxing


It is a nice app but too expensive...

Great App


Sleep timer

As far as I know this is because there are you don’t get to buy stuff with no money and it’s just and I just download it

This is a joke

These are not streams, but just small loops, repeated over and over, they doesn’t even sound real, full of ads and they sell more loops with a monthly charge.

Was free with DLC not long ago

YouTube has many things like this for free. My original app of this was free with extras you could buy, then it stopped working, forcing me to find this one. Not worth the money.

not worth it

The only reason I got sleep from this app was because I exhausted myself constantly closing and evading obnoxious ads. There are much better apps out there that do the same thing this does without all the hassle.

This is not a free app

This app will automatically start charging you monthly 7.99 if u install it. It’s a decent app but way to expensive especially since I didn’t realize it was an automatic charge if left on the phone.

It was okay

It was a great app, though I would of liked more sounds and most of them you have you had to pay for but over all it was pretty good 🤷‍♀️

very bad

very bad

Fraud-Scam- NOT FREE 7.99 MONTH

This app is NOT FREE 7.99 a Month. It says free but once you install and even if you don’t use it or delete the app it charges your card 7.99 EVEN though you NEVER entered your Card information. IT takes it through iTunes without you’re Permission. BIG FRAUD. “0” star.


It’s really bad that app don’t get it please you can’t use it it’s really hard


I absolutely love this app !!! I’ve been having some trouble sleeping these past few days and gave this a try because I came across it on Facebook. I downloaded just so I could see maybe if it would work and although you have to pay for some of the sounds the ones they offer for free are just as good !!!! I fell asleep in minutes !! Woke up this morning feeling great and full of energy!!!!

Don’t download

So confusing!?!?!🤬

It’s ok

But I can hear people in the background kind of annoying


Thank you


Horrible app. Doesn’t work properly. Deleted it 5 minutes after downloading it.

Sooo many ads

And theyre all 30 seconds long, they keep pushing you to pay for the app


Very nice

Perfect anytime of day

relaxation is easy anytime a day with this app! Also, great for meditation and for noise reduction!

This app is great.

This app is great! I use an ad blocking VPN and NO ads pop up, the app is Adblock and it’s a read circle with a line in it. But other than that this app gets me to sleep fast, and it helps me stay there. I listen to cozy home and the sound of the rain and fire crackling if very relaxing, especially if you have a fan that’s loud.

The best app to sleep

It is the best app to sleep u can fall a sleep early with a perfect sound i love this app guys go and download this app in ur phone’s it is the best


It is good but it does not have any sound so please fix that otherwise it is good

Rip off

People shouldn’t have to pay for something to help them sleep. And the ads got old really fast


this app auto subscribed me to WEEKLY charges that I was UNAWARE of simply because I deleted the app after the 3 day trial period. What is really strange is that it never asked me for any information, it just charged it to my Apple Pay which I don’t remember accepting terms to allow this app to charge me. BE AWARE this is a WEEKLY subscription for $7.99 and simply downloading the app will charge you for it!! This app is a scam!

It’s good

It’s so good


Really only lets you use one of fire cracklings unless you pay $8 with a 3day free trial. Yeah right

Loved it now hate it

I couldn’t afford the monthly fee, I mean I can but really? But it let me customize some of the sounds. Now all of a sudden there was a change and while I’m listening to the river, I have to listen to loud a** birds in the process and cannot remove or customize it again. Birds are NOT soothing when you have Canadian geese in your backyard! I’ll find a better app

Sleep timer

It is amazing


Make it entirely free

This app is great but I have one big problem with it.

I use this app pretty much every night to help me fall asleep. I’ve created my own theme to listen to and it is fantastic. However, this app has random pop ups with video ads. I usually go to bed around 12am-1am meaning I’m super tired and just want to go to bed. I turn up the volume, turn on my audio theme and go to bed. Though occasionally one of those videos will play and scare the crap out of me and keep me up for another 45 minutes. I really don’t want to be spammed with PUBG mobile app advertising when I’m super tired and want to go to bed. I know you guys need the money, but this is not the app for video advertising... stick to the advertising bars in the top, middle, or bottom of the pages in the app. I’m not going to pay to remove apps and to access the other audio themes when I can just download audio files of the same thing off of YouTube and use mp3s instead of this app.


The worst sleeping app I can not play all the sounds2 I don’t have any dollars you thief

Better Than expected

When I was reading some of the reviews I thought wow it is so much much money jut to play sounds, until I went into the app and it was real convenient, There were many free options and the time of how long the music should be. Except for having ads and having to pay for rest it is really good!

No thanks?

It would be better if we had access to all the sounds. I understand the paying thing but with the ads and making you pay to make your own theme should be enough. I was very upset I could not listen to the ocean sounds.


Wish it would just be free!!

Best sleeping time ever!!!!!!

So relaxing so peaceful I LOVE IT!!!!!❤️💕😘😍


This app is AMAZING!!! Love it!!!

Useful application

Useful for those who cant sleep coz of noise

Subscription changes

I love this app, use it every night. I had the premium 1 month subscription for $9.99 which was bearable to not have to deal with adds but they apparently did away with that. So now my choices are deal with annoying ads or pay $7.99 a week. Paying $31.96 a month is absolutely ridiculous and I for one won’t be doing it.


7.99 a week? I’ll be calling apple today how do I cancel this crap

People that see this

The best

Can’t cancel

Not easy to cancel, redirected to the app, another website and no customer service number to call and cancel, plus they are charging me weekly.

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